Thursday, June 12, 2008

That Ain't Right

Somebody tell me how this person --

-- equals this person --

-- ugh. Still, thank you Rachel for not doing this. You have an Oscar!

And it's the most deserved acting Oscar of the decade. There, I said it! And it feels gooooooooooood! TESSA QUAYLE FOR LIFE!!!!!

Go to hell, Maria Bello.


nick plowman said...

Well, Rach is totally awesome, and I am so glad she has an Oscar, and her career will only get better and better, whereas Bello's won't. Not in the same way anyway.

I think.

Dave said...

Now that's just not fair. *pets Maria Bello*

I'm all about the Rachel Weisz love, but there's no need to diss the Bello.

J.D. said...

Yeah, but there's really no need to treat her with kindness and/or respect.

I didn't love her in AHoV!

*lightning clashes, thunder roars*

Dame James Henry said...

I thought Maria Bello was pretty good in A History of Violence, but there is no way she should have been considered a "snub" when so many other more deserving women didn't even get a chance- namely, Wanda Sykes in Monster in Law (who I would have given an award to) and Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers.

I personally thought that Williams and Adams were better than Weisz, but she still would have made my shortlist.

k said...

In a perfect world, Adams would have taken the Oscar this year.

And I'd say Marion Cotillard was the most deserving Oscar winner of the decade (starting in the 2000-2001 season).

k said...

And, of course, by "this year," I mean, "that year."

J.D. said...

Weisz >>>>> Williams > Adams.

And as for, like, other people, I think Gong Li was unjustly thrown out of the race 'cuz her film critically tanked. So much bitchery, and so much prettiness. Yup.

Jose said...

Hahaha poor Bello, you should give her a chance, she's a fantastic actress who takes some absolutely bold choices.
Weisz kicked everyone else's ass that year, the closest thing was Williams and only because I think she was the only worthy thing in her movie.

J.D. said...

Wow, saying Michelle was the only worthy thing about her movie...

That takes some serious balls, man. Ku-dos.

RC said...

Rachel is pretty great, and hooray for an actress having a variety of roles...there aren't tons of parts out there.

Michael Parsons said...

She deserved her Oscar, but in the lead category.

I would ask what the Bello is doing in that movie, but I already know...PAY-CHEQUE!

Fletch said...

That first pic of Weisz is, uh, not a good one. Nice eyebrows, Rachel...

Monkeyface said...

I agree, I can't see brining myself to the theater to see a Mummy movie minus Rachel! I have nothing against Maria, in fact I think she is great, but it's just not the same.

Keep up the good work JD, it's nice to see that America's youth has a voice!

Emma said...

Maria Bello is beautiful and talented, but yeah, she can't pull that off.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I liked Weisz in TCG, but she wouldn't be in my top five.

1. Zhang Ziyi, 2046
2. Michelle Williams, Brokeback Mountain
3. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Happy Endings
4. Noni Hazlehurst, Little Fish
5. Amy Adams, Junebug
6. Agnes Jaoui, Look at Me
7. Thandie Newton, Crash
8. Rachel Weisz, Constant Gardener

....2005 was a strong year for supporting actress

I wasn't that big on Maria Bello in AHoV, although I thought she was kinda stunning in The Cooler.