Friday, July 11, 2008

Explaining My Grading Scale, AKA:

I NEED PHOTOSHOPAnd I'm not letting you forget it, for some reason. Anyway... here's a very basic rundown of the grading scale I use to grade films. It's been confuzzling for the longest time, so I'm gonna trying to make sense of it. Here goes nothin'...

C :: "Bleh. You Suck."
I rarely tread in the region of the scale (same goes for subsequent territory) as you all know. I've never been exactly sure why, but I'd reckon because I still view film through a glass without any imperfections... or that I don't see films I know will suck major ass as much as a lot of people. I dunno.

C+ :: "It's Not Good."
Now, this can go either way, positively or negatively, that equates to a thumbs up or a thumbs down. It's also sometimes conundrum-y, like how The Lizzie McGuire Movie is a positive one and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead is a negative one. I know, right?!

B- :: "Okay, Yeah."
Good, to an extent. A very simple grade.

B :: "Good."
Another simple one, but it only just seems like that. Sometimes it's political asylum for disappointment (The Host/Russian Ark), sometimes it's random asylum for surprise (Hot Rod/Music & Lyrics). It's probably the most frustrating grade, honestly

B+ :: "Really Good."
Simply that. Not outstanding, but enjoyable and worthwhile.

A- :: "Great."

A :: "REALLY great."

A+ :: "OMFG."
Films so great, so moving, so vibrant, so explosive, so FUCKING INCREDIBLE that they metaphorically kicked my head in repeatedly. Sure, it's not an exclusive club per se, but I'm still seeing a lot. Or, you know:

OMGAny questions, reverse-class?

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