Monday, August 25, 2008


Due to some very important events in my personal life, I am not able to do the MMM today. Not only that, but I saw a lot in the past week and it was taking me a long time anyway. Hopefully, I'll have it posted tomorrow. In the mean time, this afternoon I put up a poll in the sidebar that asks of all the films I saw in that time, which was the best? I hope to do one every week. It seems like some weeks will be obvious, but a lot of them might be entertaining, to say the least. Right?

ETA: The "events" have proven to be too diverting for me to do the MMM this week, which, of course, sucks. :( Maybe I'll put a few of them in next week's, like I've done before. Le sigh. Sorry.


nick plowman said...

I voted, and the one I picked also happens to be one of my most favourite films eva.

It was fun, and if you did do this every week, that'd be awesome.

Like I told you before, I really am jealous of your current screening log.

Slayton said...

What personal events? Did your mom spill beer on herself, go to bed in those clothes and then fall asleep with a cigarette in her mouth?

The only film I've seen of those is "Key Largo", which was shit.

J.D. said...


Slayton said...

Or did you finally go outside?