Sunday, September 21, 2008

Adolescent, Non-Related Notes on the Emmys

This is probably the most excited I've ever been for the Emmys. Of course, it's a weak accomplishment, but it's still important. I, like a lot of people, have always taken television for granted, and that's really started to change. Television CAN be art, damnit! So, lets take a look at a couple of my favorite shows, in a way only I can do (I hope, LMAO).

On the Comedy front, 30 Rock is obviously major. But since it has a lot of obvious and due acclaim, let's talk about my other fave: Pushing Daisies. I've been re-watching the season the past couple of days on DVD, and I really forgot how magical and quirky it is! I also forgot how absolutely gorgeous Lee Pace is. The way he wears his clothes, the way he squeaks and sighs his voice, the way he stares at stuff. I LOVE HIM. He's dreamy, hunky, beautiful, funny, tender, and seriously, that voice. It's like velvet rubbing against silk. Or something orgasmic like that. Please win tonight. We both know you won't, but in my mind, you always will.

Drama for me is singularly dominated by one show: Mad Men. Not only is it the best show on television by a seriously enormous gap, it's possibly one of the best of all-time. It's almost indulgent in it's brilliance, and all of the show's many arcs are done with the wisest balances of sincerity, deception, lustiness, and corporate (and literal) bitchery. The most amalgamated of these themes might as well be Joan Holloway, played AWESOMELY by Christina Hendricks. She's rarely a major character, but she always steals any scene she's in. Mostly by walking. Holy mother of god, that figure. How that many curves can fit into so many awkward looking dresses is a miracle within itself. She probably represents pure sex to me more than anyone else I can think of. Just... UGH.

I'm so confused.


Dame James Henry said...

I'm with you. Lee Pace is just so gorgeous, but Christina Hendricks' ass is immaculate. Seriously, we should be bowing down in front of it like it's a religious relic or something.

J.D. said...


But it's definitely not a relic though. That thing is ALIVE. *drools*

nick plowman said...

Why do you always have to be so BANG on the fucking money? I agree, with everything, especially the part about her gorgeous, bountiful bottom being alive. It so is, it should win an Emmy.

Douglas Racso said...

i still wish pushing daisies won over 30 rock ehhehehe ditto pace over baldwin and chenoweth over smart.

Dorothy Porker said...

God, I adore Joan so much. Could not agree more about your take on "Mad Men." I try to stay away from hyperbole, but I have to say it seriously is one of the greatest things to ever air on television.