Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Movie Meltdown, 7th Ed.

I've decided that every Monday(s), I'm gonna awkwardly scribble down some fractured thoughts on the movies I watched over the past week(s), except those which I've already reviewed.

Phew, just made it. Great week, yeah, yeah. Let's talk about the poll. I thought we were all over The Dark Knight. So why did it win? The Night of the Hunter and Sunrise (SUNRISE) were options. Yet, TDK won. I want the names of the people who voted it, and their motives. NOW. *sigh*

Also saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Misfits (which is too hard to nail down), and Black Narcissus (Week MVP; review coming soon - promise).

Reprise -- A poignant, electrifying jolt of cinematic life. It's too complicated to sum up in concrete terms, but that's the awesome part of it - it's something you really have to experience, and you can't get it from someone explaining it to you. It teeters between being vibrant and intimate, loudly and subtly, so much, and it consistently works to the film's advantage. It's truly beautiful, truly special filmmaking. So, do see it.

Redbelt -- Surprising good. It's unfocused and tepid, but it's intriguing (though not exactly interesting) enough to keep you watching. Chiwetel Ejiofor gives a very good performance, and most of the cast is adequate or better. Emily Mortimer is the definite standout, though. No surprise. I don't know if I'd, like, recommend it, but overall, I liked it.

Breakfast at Tiffany's -- There are a lot of legendary and iconic films that everyone knows my heart that I have shamefully and inexplicably never seen in my life. Up until last week, Breakfast at Tiffany's was on that list. What took me so long? This was seriously amazing. It's romantic comedy, and it's balanced melodrama, was always enjoyable and exuberant. It's like a giant happy fluffy orgasm. Audrey Hepburn is so pitch-perfect as Holly, isn't she? She was so charming. The music is pretty great, and the writing, and the photography, and the costumes, and the everything. I swooned more than I should have, but I don't care.

Annie Hall -- The epitome of neuroticism. It's excellent and amazing and mind-blowingly funny, of course. I hella loved it. But MAN, was it neurotic! I wasn't expecting that much, to be honest, lol. I don't really have much else to say. What else is there to say?

Burn After Reading -- Crazy, crazy, crazy. Seriously, this movie needs some serious dosage, and FAST. It's all over the place in tone and in plot, confusing, illogical, and fucked up beyond a good deal of belief. It's not exactly brilliant, but it's certainly peculiar. McDormand is definitely the best of the cast, with Malkovich and Pitt not far behind. Swinton didn't really have a lot to do except be an ice bitch, a type she excels at, and her performance is only noteworthy for that. And I just don't like Clooney as an actor. I try, but I can never find a lot to love. IDK. Long story short: this movie is why the modern term "WTF" was created. And in the end, there is no point to the madness, except to show us how stupid humanity can be. It actually really works in that respect.

So, what have y'all seen recently? I'm always all ears.


Vera said...

I totally agree with your assessment of Burn After Reading. I did laugh some, but in the end I almost always find nihilism tiresome.

Annie Hall is one of my very favorite movies. If you this it is neurotic, try watching Manhattan sometime.

Has there every been anyone as lovely as Audrey Hepburn? If so, who.

Fox said...

That girl in Reprise, the one that plays Kari (the one in your still)? OMG... she is so cute!

J.D. said...

Viktoria Winge? She really is! And she's probably the standout in the film, as well. Loved her.

Matthew Lucas said...

BLACK NARCISSUS OMG! I LOVE the Archers, and while I prefer both THE RED SHOES and THE LIFE AND DEATH OF COLONEL BLIMP to this, I still think that this is the most beautifully lit film I have ever seen. That final scene is just exquisite.

nick plowman said...

I totally meant to post this here and not in the other thread,

"And that girl in that still is AMAZINGLY gorgeous. I need to review Reprise already…but when? I have no time! I hate that I have to plan in order to get things done nowdays, ugh."

Sorry :/

J.D. said...

Nick, it's perfectly alright, man. It's all better now.

And, since I should say it here too, WHENEVER YOU GET AROUND TO IT IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. I seriously don't want to rush you, trust me. :)

Matt, I KNEW I could count on you for some P+P support. I've only seen Narcissus and The Red Shoes (which I LOVED), but I think I prefer Narcissus! I'm planning on watching it again, and then reviewing it (which should happen by Friday night).

Dame James Henry said...

I loved Burn After Reading. I guess I just have the same sense of humor as the Coen Brothers and most people without really twisted senses of humor don't find it as funny. I thought Brad Pitt was best in show-- I loved the scene in the car when he tries to squint at John Malkovich to be intimidating; I swear I cracked up every time he did it-- but McDormand wasn't too far behind and I loved Tilda's job! Haha, too funny.

David S. said...

Hey, did you happen to see the new W. Trailer in front of Burn After Reading? Because I heard it was amazing. But I can't find it. Anywhere.

J.D. said...

There wasn't a trailer for W. in front of it? At least for me?

*left out*

Kamikaze Camel said...

Fuck, I hate Breakfast at Tiffany's. Like, incredibly so. It's terrible.

elgringo said...

Breakfast at Tiffany's is just too racist for me to enjoy. There are some I can look past but this isn't one of them. And I usually really like Rooney too but damn...that movie wasn't even made that long ago.

I've heard so many great things about Reprise. It just showed up in the mail today. Can't wait.

RC said...

i like annie hall far more than most woody allen picks.

of course, this film is iconic.