Monday, October 6, 2008

Jamie(s) Say No

Or maybe something witty. Blah.

No MMM this week. I have no clue why I can't do it two weeks in a row, but it hasn't happened very often, has it? Yes, I did one last week. Only Douglas noticed, apparently. Thank you Douglas, BTW. I know this is sorta high and mighty of me, but where were you people?! *SCREAMS*

Well, since there's no MMM, there'll be no reviews for Dear Wendy and The Chumscrubber (which I had already almost finished), so I have no reason to proclaim Jamie Bell as the best actor of his generation and post hot pictures in his honor. Because I would've done that. He's brilliant, and totally hunkalicious, in both. His perf in Wendy is practically on the same level as Billy Elliot - if they weren't totally different.

But NOOOOOO, I won't give you the satisfaction.

So have you learned your lesson, children? Comments don't make me use the belt. Now get to bed, you brats. [/bitter and potentially neglectful parent who regrets not using protection on that crazy night with some guy 12 years ago]


Caitlin said...

Here, have some vodka. Since you shared the painkillers and all.

J.D. said...


Ugh, I've really been needing s'more lately.

Caitlin said...



J.D. said...


*grabs bottle back*


nick plowman said...

No Jamie?! *tears up*

Well we all suck.

Dame James Henry said...

I hate to be the moralizing Michelle Pfeiffer/Meryl Streep/Swankinator in full-on inspirational teacher mode, but you really should right for yourself and haters/non-commenters be damned. Besides that, it's so hard to gauge the success of one of your posts because of the lack of comments. I've noticed that they seem to come in waves and every once in awhile you hit a dry spell. Don't give up on us yet!

mischa said...

So, OK, J.D. Just go ahead and spank me. Then I'll give you the vodka and pain killers.

J.D. said...

Haha, James, well, yeah. But comments really show me how many people are listening, and if barely anyone is listening, I might not want to talk. So.

I, like, haven't give up on you! Don't think that. But it's hard being a blog parent sometimes, ya know? I should've gotten the insurance coverage when I had the chance. *sigh*

Glenn said...

But... but... JAMIE!

J.D. said...

I knew this would hurt you most of all, Glenn. :(

Also, since you're here, you better keep an eye on him. You might not know who else could want to yank him from right under you... ;)

Largo said...

You're so emo, J.D. XD But seriously, I enjoy reading your blog and your movie reviews are super verbose. So when I came back on after my bout of stomach flu, I was all, WTF? No Monday Madness??