Monday, December 8, 2008

J.D.'s 20 "All Time" Favorite Actresses

Nathaniel de Film Experience created this simple yet awesome meme today, which is about whomever is doing it's twenty all time favorite actresses. And he tagged me for it! I seriously always feel honored whenever he says my name. So yayzers. He didn't really list rules, so I just followed his example and made a graphic. I tinted it blue, tho, to make it "my own." So, ta-da:

[ es wird größer ]

Kelly / Julianne / Tilda / Julia / Annie
Ziyi / Emily / Scarlett / Rachel / Kate
Barbara / Sarah / Cate / Li / Laura
Nicole / Juliette / Naomi / Keira / Alexandra

That was surprisingly... not hard to figure out! Obviously it wasn't easy, and of course it's not in any order or ranking (thank you!), but it's nice. 'Twas fun, as well. Though hard as FUCK, though. Finding good pictures of my favorite actresses should be easier, no? A-las. On a slightly critical note, it's concerningly modern. I mean, Stanwyck really sticks out like a sore thumb drenched in b&w and cigarette smoke. I wanted more classic actresses in, but considering generally what I've seen, she was the only one I was able to fit in. Yes I love her. The Lady Eve really synched it. The rest of them probably aren't very surprising if you know me. Especially Jentsch.


Now, because it's a meme, I'm supposed to tag people. I always seem to tag the same people, so I'm shaking it up a little. If you're insulted that I didn't tag you or whatever, you can just do it, of course. This isn't exclusive. And since Nat tagged four, I guess I am too.

Emma @ All About My Movies
Fletch @ Blog Cabins
k @ Inside the Gold
Dave @ Victim of the Time


Matt said...

I like this list... but I just think Audrey Hepburn deserves a place. I think she's gone from a cool, modern icon to an actress it's no longer cool to like... I just think she's magical.

J.D. said...

Well, to be fair, I've only seen her in Roman Holiday and Tiffany's, and while I loved her in both, I don't think it would be fair to put her among my all time favorites, you know? At least not yet, if she ever does get to that point.

Dame James Henry said...

Oh man, J.D. We really need to get you to see more of the goddesses of the Golden Age. Love the Stanwyck mention but you simply must catch up with Davis, Crawford, Garbo, Garland, Taylor, Russell, Shearer, K. Hepburn and Garson.

Great list though! Love or like most of the actresses on here (although, I don't think I've seen anything with Lara and only one with Jentsch)

J.D. said...

I knooooow. I don't think I've seen anything with Crawford, Shearer or Garson, actually. :(

Any specific recs?

Dude, see Downfall! It's a ridiculously great film, and she's great in it. OMGzHitler!

Sally Belle said...

You had it almost perfect, until you added Scarlett. Are you really kidding me? Ugh.

mischa said...

I heartily agree with The "Dame", the absence many our ladies in b&w. Some he didn't mention, Irene Dunn, Ingrid Bergman, Deborah Kerr, Gloria Swanson, Vivian Leigh, Joanne Woodward, Shelley Winters, Angela Lansberry, I'll stop now with that.
Check out Grand Hotel, you both Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo, The Women, Crawford and Garson,.....others, Pride and Predjudice, Mrs Miniver, Mildred Pierce, Goodbye Mr. Chips, and for what it is Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.
I was a little surprised on the absence of Meryl, Jodi and Dame Judi......still you're the one.

J.D. said...

@Sally: FAVORITE, not best. I'm totally heterosexual for her.

@Mischa: Let's go through that:

I've only seen The Awful Truth for Dunne.

I was THIS close to putting Ingrid in, if it's any consolation. I've seen a considerable amount of her work and love her A LOT already, so.

Kerr I've only seen in (the fucking incredible) Black Narcissus.

Swanson did stuff besides Sunset?

Le duh for Leigh. Haven't seen enough. And only GWTW for that matter.

I think I've only seen Woodward in Rachel, Rachel (she's awesome in it).

Winters - nada.

Lansbury! Mrs. Iselin, MY GOD.

And yeah, I've seen none of the movies you've listed. *blushes*

As for Streep, I'm not REALLY a fan yet. Even with her, I'm limited though. I only saw Sophie's Choice last Tuesday!

Dame Judi... yeah... um.


Dame James Henry said...

Crawford: Baby Jane, Possessed, Grand Hotel, Strait-Jacket

Garson: Random Harvest, Pride and Prejudice, Blossoms in the Dust

Shearer: Private Lives, Barretts of Wimpole Street, Marie Antoinette

And Gloria Swanson was a prominent star during the silent era. That's what makes her performance in Sunset Blvd somewhat ironic (although she was absolutely nothing like Norma Desmond in real life).

The power of Dame Judi Dench also commands you to see more of her films. She might have to cut a bitch if she's not added to your rental queue :P

I think my mom is actually checking out Downfall for me when I go home in a couple of days so I'll have my first exposure to Alexandra Maria Lara. Yay!

J.D. said...

All noted, James.


Yay for your mom! And after you're done with that amazingness, I would recommend you Youth Without Youth (like I've been doing for months). She's mind-blowing in it (as is Tim Roth, and together they EXPLODE - though very weirdly).


thanks for playing along! it's fun to see this list (the only one I don't really get is alexandra) and I hope you will rent some of these movies people were suggesting. ;) but then there's nothing wrong with being "of your time" either. This is why KATHLEEN TURNER will never leave my favorites list since I was an 80s kid and she was IT.

J.D. said...

Don't worry Nat, I will. ;)

My love for Alexandra is more generally defined, I think. I just think she's so amazing. When she has about five seconds of screentime in a trailer for a film certainly not about her and I basically explode in glee... well.

mischa said...

So many movies, so little time. One of the first things I noticed about your blog was that you watch and review some of the old classics movies. I thought, nows there's something you don't see that often, a young, modern 15 y/o who does that. My hat is off to you. I'll send you some ideas in an email.

Slayton said...



J.D. said...


Thanks for the tips and the kind words, Mischa. :)

miso said...


downfall is one of the most joyful epic nazipics ever!!! and she was great in youth without youth! and control was probably one of the best biopics ever!

points for having 2 nazi-related references in a single post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.D. said...

Man, you and your Nazis. ;)

Fletch said...

I was hoping to escape this meme, but I shall play on. Thanks for the tag, J.D.

J.D. said...

You're welcome, Fletch! ^_^

Dr Orlof said...

French list are a little different...