Thursday, January 22, 2009

Majorly Belated Oscar Nom Thoughts

Sorry that these are so late tonight! I kept putting this off. I'll keep these short. The morning was fucked up -- The Dark Knight being boned so thusly? Bolt instead of Waltz with Bashir? A film by motherfucking Jan Troell not nominated in Foreign Language? MICHAEL SHANNON? Wanted?! NO SALLY HAWKINS?! -- but the most notable WTH instance is obviously The Reader, nominated for five: Picture, Director, Actress, Adapted Screenplay and Cinematography. Now, I loved the movie. An incredible amount. It's probably my #2 at this point. But I didn't see this coming. Dave did! He won't shut up about it. I did predict Daldry, though that was more a blind hope than an actual prediction. Yay, though?! He's 3 for 3 with his films. Dreams really DO come true.

Obviously I could talk about Kate right now. But who hasn't?
More importantly...

Damn it, I am SO happy Milk made it in (and big). I know it's gonna be luck to even win two (Actor and O. Screenplay) but ugh, I'll take what I get. The Score nomination for Danny Elfman was AMAZING (here's why) and the Costume mention was surprising but absolutely deserved. They nominated a semi-recent period film without corsets! Wowzers.

For the sake of discussing it, since it seems like I'm never gonna get to my review of it, I really liked Josh Brolin, but he didn't deserve a nomination over Franco. And neither deserved a nom more than Emile Hirsch, which was never really gonna happen, LOL. The entire ensemble works though. I really hope the Actors have realized Slumdog isn't actually a freaking ensemble, and no one in it is even as good as the lowest standout in Milk in time for this Sunday. It deserves it so much.

Also: Sean *needs* to win. I still haven't seen The Wrestler, but I doubt Rourke will top what Penn accomplished for me. The performance, much like the entire film and everything it stands for, just means so much to my state of being. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove.

So, what were your thoughts? I need to be slapped back down to earth. :)


Anonymous said...

You need to see The Wrestler.

mB said...

I don't know if you'll enjoy the Wrestler but Marisa makes the awfully violent fights worthwhile :)

As for the noms, I couldn't really muster any excitement for any of 'em. Snubs took center stage over memorable inclusions and the Australia tech snubs and Rev Road's acting snubs really annoyed me :P

Douglas Racso said...

i love the "the reader" surprise! this is daldry's best.

J.D. said...

@Anon: I knooooooow.

@mB: In the Bedroom and BtDKYD make me believe you, but I like awfully violent fights?

And UGH Australia's snubbing. MISOGYNISTS PIGS.

@Doug: 2nd best for me. Billy Elliot is a tough film to ever top.

David Giancarlo said...

Agreed to Billy Elliot's untouchable status :P

RJ said...

I felt the same about Sean . . .

. . . Until I saw The Wrestler

Sally Belle said...

I had The Reader in my predicts...It's just too good and thought provoking not to make it. Stephen Daldry is not only talented, but a real charming guy that everyone loves.

Milk, I am also happy for, and I think Penn will win.
I agree with Josh Brolin over Franco and Hirsch however. I aways felt like Franco's character wasn't given enough to do and fell into the same girlfriend abyss that so many women find themselves in time and time again.

Hirsch has never impressed me as an actor. This is probably his best, but it still seemed more impersonation then three dimensional to me. Cleve was an advisor on the pic, so Hirsch had the benefit of seeing him everyday.

The Wrestler is a great flick. I loved it. Mickey is great and I would be okay with either him or Penn winning. Penn's is a different type of performance. it is so obviously a character, and he makes him full bodied and real. With Rourke people can assume he is playing himself. I don't think he is...and he gave 100% to the Ram. Making him full bodied and real. He is also very naked with his own emotions.
Rourke is just as charming as Penn, and I think it was more of a stretch to make the Ram charming. I said, I thought they were both brilliant, and while I think Penn will win...It would be just as justifiable to choose Rourke.

Langella is also great, but, he has a rep for being an arrogant ass, so, he has the eddie Murphy problem.

The other two just aren't in the same league.

Matthew Lucas said...

In Daldryland, "The Hours" owns all.

J.D. said...

And apparently Daldry gives blowjobs to Academy members! Hot.

Jenkins sorta is. There is a chance, probably small, that he'll END UP as my #2 for the year. Though I probably will love Rourke, w/e. #3 it is.

And Matt, The Hours is his weakest to date? I still love it. But no.

Matthew Lucas said...

"The Hours" is one of my all time favorites, and as far as I'm concerned is Daldry's masterpiece. I liked "The Reader" but it doesn't come close.

It doesn't hurt that it's also my favorite book.

J.D. said...

Ah, well, I can understand you. It's my #2 for 2002 and one of my faves. I just love Billy Elliot and so far The Reader more.

They're all A+ films though! God, what I would do to Stephen Daldry...

elgringo said...

1. The Wrestler is my number one of the year.
2. I'm sorry to say that The Reader is in my bottom 15. You can read my thought on it here:
3. Milk will be the next movie I watch, I SWEAR!