Friday, March 20, 2009

Making Love to a Box Set

I got a fair deal of birthday money this year from self-distanced family members who really don't care enough to do more than send a check. Not that I'm complaining - I mean, who doesn't like money! I had a shortlist of things I desperately wanted, so everything will work out. Anyway, why bring this up? Because I got something today with teh $$$ I think you should know about.

It should be obvious from the pic at the top, but whatever.


It's... GLORIOUS. Just to look at. Staring. Staring for all eternity. The three different parts - the theatrical version, the television version, and the documentary The Making of Fanny & Alexander - are all brilliantly designed. Orgasmically. Stills. So many stills. And red. And yellow. And gray. And I still have a slight crush on Bertil Guve. I JUST WANT TO MARRY IT. MARRY IT AND HAVE IT'S CHILDREN. SO MANY CHILDREN.

I... need to go take my pills.


I'm just so obsessed with the film. You all know this. Remember my review? Well, you probably don't. It was probably the pinnacle of my actual writing work, and as I've established before no one really cares for my writing work. ANYWAY. I love F&A so much and it's probably the greatest film ever made. So DEAL WITH IT.

[/needs to stop writing passion plays]


Vera said...

I have the 5 disc box as well. I originally bought the 2 disc version, and ended up ordering the the 5 disc box the very next day (the only time I have ever paid for next day delivery) and gave the 2 disc to a deserving co-worker. There is so much great stuff in that box! Love it, love it, love it.

Vera said...

BTW, face it, everyone loves your writing.

Dame James Henry said...

Congrats, J.D.! I know you've wanted this box set for AGES, so I'm glad it's finally happening. I hope you have fun with the hours upon hours of goodness.

Do you still have enough money leftover to buy me the Antoine Doinel box set? Pretty please? With sugar on top.

seanisbored said...

Ugh, I want.

My version is a pirated Chinese one, the first half is the t.v. version and the second half is the movie version.

Weird veiwing experience.

J.D. said...

@Vera: Did you know you're awesome? Because you are. I probably would've sold it or something, LMAO.

And haha, um. :)

@James: Thanks James. Also, would if I could. ;)

@Sean: That would be insanely problematic, yes, since they're different beasts cinematically. The theatrical version is a bit stifled and maybe jumbled compared to the television version, which is much freer and focuses on the fantasy elements more.


seanisbored said...

Yeah I was loving it until I changed the disc, noticed the change straight away.

I'll pick up a proper copy back in Ireland.

Also, boxset/human marraige should so be a priority over gay marraige. Just sayin'

J.D. said...

Box sets > gays in general, tho.

And as well you should, Sean. AS WELL YOU SHOULD. ;)