Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Chloes ARE Still Happening, You Know

I finally announced the complete nominees two weeks ago but I'm not sure anyone actually noticed that. If you didn't, HERE YOU GO, YOU ILLITERATE TWAT. Ahem. So, if anyone's wondering if I'll ever announce the winners, I decided on a date:


AKA in just two days. Mmhmm. Why the fuck not? I have everything more or less decided, and from there it's just a matter of not having a breakdown while applying repetitive HTML edits. (Fun, btw.)

One thing tho: I nominated Lena Olin in Limited/Cameo for The Reader, but with much contemplation - and the constant self-reminding that I nominated Redgrave last year and she possibly had less screen time than Olin - I've decided to move her up to legit supporting. Who'd she kick out, then? Chiara Mastroianni and her double nom of melancholic French amazingness. :(

Well, she still has her three total noms in Ensemble and Song, I guess.

SO. Does anyone still care or no?

ETA: Due to some unfortunate...lifeness, I can't finish them today. :(

I've decided to reschedule to:


So no big sweat. :)


Vera said...

Of course we care, but isn't tomorrow Thursday, September 24?

J.D. said...


I'm a moron.

Vera said...

No you aren't. Just... confused.

seanisbored said...


RC said...

How fun - anything you need to watch before the awards come out???