Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Age, New Banner, New Mentality?

Okay, that last part is never happening.

Hi! You're reading the words of a 17 year old near-adult. YES. I'm EXCITED by this, rather than spiteful of like, aging. I guess I'm starting to get used to growing up? And MATURING? And I'M WILLING TO ACCEPT IT ALL?! *gasps*

Anyway. I figured I needed a new banner. Why? 'Cuz it says my age of 16 and that just won't do any longer. I also thought (since it was of amazing musician Annie) it should be film-related again, as if to re-christen this place. I said last week that VD isn't a blog specific to one subject, and I stand by that, but an environment of cinema should help spur my returning to film writing. I decided on A Single Man, which has basically become my cinematic love for '09 (I'll talk more about why it's only 'basically' later). What do you think of the new, prettyprettypretty banner, then?


I'm not egocentric, btw.


Craig Kennedy said...

Happy Birthday JD!

MrJeffery said...

happy b'day! love your film reviews.

Mark said...

happy birthday! :)

Simon said...

A happy birthday to you, sir. And might I say, bravo on the banner.

(that's the way I talk now)

Anonymous said...

happy birhtday<3

J.D. said...

Thanks everyone! :)

@Simon: I like it.

Marcy said...

Happy birthday, J.D., my fellow Pisces!

I hope you do continue blogging because your posts are pretty much always entertaining.

Nick Plowman said...

Favourite banner ever <3 Definitely a good sign of things to come, for VD.

Of course yes, happy birthday! Seventeen is a good age, your last year of getting away with being as irresponsible as you like :) Have fun with that.

anahita said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and yeah, totally agree with a single man. am going to see it again tonight :D :D