Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is Not a Music Blog

I swear to god, it isn't. I know it basically seems like one, what with the Annie banner and the fact that most of what I post lately is music-related, BUT IT ISN'T. It's about whatever affects my psyche, basically, whether it be music or movies or television or my life or the weather or a detailed history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (hopefully coming by April). I don't want to limit myself even further by keeping to one subject. I wish it could be about more than music every once in a while, though.

But I'm just gonna talk about music s'more, okay?

This is just for my American readers.


About. Fucking. Time.

I've talked about Little Boots before, so you can't go "wtf" to this. The heights of my adoration for her have been, perhaps, the highest for anyone I've ever been obsessed with for any period of time. It's a perfect pop album - stunningly produced, absolutely enjoyable, and without a real low point? It starts out strong and ends as strongly (...if we don't count the hidden track "Hands." but it's hidden for a reason!). It's an amazing piece of work, and probably one of my favorite albums of all time at this point. I can't wait to ACTUALLY have it in my hands*. Ugh, seriously, whenever I think how long it takes amazing foreign things to get here (if they EVER do), it makes me want a New World Order already.


iTunes (deluxe)
(has bonus track "Catch 22" which is amaaazing)

My transitioning skills have not diminished, evidently.

While we're at it, GET EVERYTHING. The 'Illuminations' EP, with two brilliant tracks, "Not Now" and "Love Kills" (the outro of the latter makes my head explode); the Stonemasons remix of "Remedy," which has turned into one of my favorite mixes EVER; and the 'Arecibo' EP, with the original/extended/better version of "Stuck on Repeat."

And for preview purposes, all the specific songs I mentioned!

Not Now | Love Kills
Stuck on Repeat
Catch 22 | Remedy (Stonemasons)

AAAAH I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I mean, she makes me into a legal music whore. I've only ever done this with Britney. IT MUST BE TRUE LOVE. ♥

Also, she looks like Samantha Morton a lot. Just wanted to say that.

* - I DID NOT INTEND THIS PUN. LOL. I should proofread more.


Anonymous said...

Little Boots is Fierce<3

Reel Whore said...

I feel you on the music blogging; my sister says all I do is blog about music lately.

BTW, thanks for mentioning Little Boots! I heard her song Remedy a few months back and had forgotten I wanted to check her out. Sounds like I need to do more than dl the single.