Friday, February 4, 2011

VD's Best Music of 2010, Part III

This is probably the most uneventful portion of the countdown, but I felt it needed to be done anyway - for all the underdeveloped and mismanaged little tracks out there. Yup, I'm doing b-sides and bonus tracks now! FUN!!!

I love b-sides; I wish more artists actually did them, especially when they're more than worthy of their existence. And not just like, British people. Bonus tracks, as well, can just as easily be lazy and unnecessary (hence why they're 'bonus') as overwhelming brilliant (aka WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM/THE LABEL/GOD etc). I feel when they need to be heralded, that is exactly what should happen.

This is gonna be odd.

VD's Best B-Sides of 2010

10. Scissor Sisters, "Sex Exciter" ("Any Which Way")
It's basically an afterthought, but what a delicious little afterthought. That's co-written and contains backup vocals by Allison Goldfrapp. WIN.

09. Alex Gardner, "Superfree" ("I'm Not Mad")
His breathy vocals more or less make this. He's a fucking sexy talented lad, I wish fate would be kinder to him.

08. Delphic, "Sanctuary" ("Doubt")
I don't listen to Delphic enough. Somehow I can more easily recall this song more easily than a lot of the album. I'm not exactly sure what that MEANS but anyway.

07. The Saturdays, "Ready to Rise" ("Missing You")
Eons better than the A-side. That chorus is FIRE. Good lord the Sats are so inconsistent, it's stunning sometimes, really.

06. Hurts, "Confide in Me" ("Stay")
A live cover of Kylie's dark masterpiece, and they definitely do it justice. Completely stunning, and an interesting masculine version of it, too. (See also - I never would've expected them to be so into each other.)

05. Kylie Minogue, "Go Hard or Go Home" ("All the Lovers")
Basically simple cheese, but it's just blissfully Kylie.

04. Joe McElderry, "If You Love Me" ("Ambitions")
I understand why it's a b-side (it's a bit inconsequential, innit), but I wish the album had a few more full-out electropop rush spots like this.

03. Sophie Ellis-Bextor, "Sophia Loren" ("Bittersweet")
Odd that this was gonna be the still-unreleased album's lead single at one point. It's so disarmingly lightweight and CUTE. The synths are so bouncy, the lyrics so thematically clever and easy-to-swallow for a love song. Also, Cathy Dennis! DISCO DISCO ITALIANO.

02. Cheryl Cole, "Just Let Me Go" ("Parachute")
Possibly the single best moment of the 3 Words era, entirely because of how 'FUCK YEAH DANCE-POP' it is - a philosophy she fully embraced on her follow-up (which greater results). It's dark, and a bit emotional, albeit in its icy, dancefloor intoxicated form. Quite impressive.

*druuuuuuuuuuuuuuum roll plz*

01. Hurts, "Affair" ("Wonderful Life")
True story: I bought the CD single just to own this. Six and a half minutes of swirling, depressingly romantic, purely retro synthpop that makes my heart FLUTTER every time I hear it. So fucking beautiful.


VD's Best Bonus Tracks of 2010
(aka an excuse to talk about the #1)

05. Savage Skulls & Douster feat. Robyn, "Bad Gal"
(from the iTunes version of Body Talk Pt. 2)

This is, as far as I can tell, the only place this track has officially shown up - which is odd, since there's a video now. It's a fantastically out-there track; Robyn is used expertly. I wish she'd do even more of these 'vocals for DJs/producers spinning gold' things. Cuz, I mean - my god, UH-OH.

03/04. Kylie Minogue, "Mighty Rivers" & "Heartstrings"
(from various and unconfirmable international versions of Aphrodite)

"Heartstrings" is probably better, but it seemed fair having them tied. They're both Xenomania-produced and they're both unfairly relegated. Sigh, they just haven't had a good run since Girls Aloud disbanded went on hiatus, even when they're putting out BEAUTIFUL work.

02. Alphabeat, "Telephone/Bad Romance"
(from the UK Amazon pre-order version of The Beat Is...)

The Beat Is... has four (!) bonus tracks overall, and this one is clearly the best, A wonderful mashup of two individually amazing GaGa songs (which assumedly only exists because they were The Monster Ball Tour's opening act for the UK leg). Stine's disturbingly crystal clear pronunciation of everything really makes it.

*anticlimactic rim shot*

01. Ellie Goulding, "Lights"
(from the iTunes version of Lights)

This is a perfect, perfect song, and I can't believe it WAS a bonus track. It blows everything else out of the water, and still does even after the re-release (Bright Lights) actually made the album better. I was debating whether to even classify it as a bonus track anymore, since it's the next single (to be some point), which an AMAZING VIDEO and a not-terribly done remix (love the added drums) and those gloves. But it wasn't a single in 2010, WAS IT? Well it almost was. Either way, it counts. NOW BASK IN ITS BIFFCO-SANCTIFIED GLORY.

Note: I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being my #1 of 2011.


So, yeah. Another part down; next up should be MORE IF NOT ALL OF THE SINGLES LIST. Be sure to look out for that sometime before July!


Dame James said...

Thank you for (a) talking mostly about artists I love (b) providing links to some of these tracks I've stupidly ignored and (c) for acknowledging the brilliance of both 'If You Love Me' and 'Sophia Loren.' You don't know how much I wish they were actual singles so I could put them on my year-end list.

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