Sunday, March 6, 2011

VD's Best Music of 2010, Part IV

I'm still doing this! Yeah, I know.

This is the continuation of the singles list. It's only #50 through #21 because I want things to be dramatic, for...some purpose. I don't like doing things like this all at once, as I'm sure devotees (all 4 of you!) know. It's probably for attention reasons that I ultimately squander. There's a BONUS here, though: I've added blurbs. I KNOW! They're stream-of-consciousness-as-I-listen-to-the-songs, and generally unpolished - really, what of my writing ISN'T? - but they're enough. The ones for the top 20 might be meatier*, hopefully. Anyway, I'm really becoming proud of this. I, again, don't know why. I do know that I want READER INPUT.

Okay? Okay.

Let's restart this bitch!

VD's Best Singles of 2010:

50. Alcazar, "Headlines"
For being mindblowingly gay, and for incorporating those amazing strings.

49. Two Door Cinema Club, "Come Back Home"
Definitely my favorite song on their album. It's not exactly upbeat, but it's so cleverly put together. And it's always a miracle when I embrace something even THIS guitar-driven.

48. The Ting Tings, "Hands"
I'm sad that we're probably still far away from the record, because this is SO PROMISING. Almost progressive from their debut stuff, without losing their spirit.

47. Scissor Sisters, "Any Which Way"
Fun basically is the best way to describe it - and then Ana Matronic's solo bit even shoots that straight up. I love how it ends chaotically.

46. Kanye West feat. Dwele, "Power"
Sonically fucking masterful. The samples, content, his rapping, even and especially the mixing are all, well, EPIC.

45. Robyn, "Hang with Me"
It's not perfect (and it works better acoustically, and edited, and remixed), but Klas Åhlund's synthwork is never to be undervalued. It works if only because of that.

44. Miranda Lambert, "Only Prettier"
Miranda is a lyrical and vocal genius, and this is a prime example. Deliciously cheeky.

43. Example, "Won't Go Quietly"
I wish I knew about this before "Kickstarts" (#64) hit it big, since this is so much better; a brilliant little piece of electro house.

42. Ellie Goulding, "Starry Eyed"
It's so lightweight, and short, and not at all the best way to show off Ellie's talent, but MAN, can it induce endorphins or what?

41. Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith, "Not in Love"
OH LOOK I WANT HIPSTER CRED. But seriously, this was a great idea of a collaboration done as stunningly as it possibly could have been. Everyone legitimately wins.

40. Selena Gomez & the Scene, "A Year Without Rain"
My love of Selena Gomez in 2010 should be shameful. I mean, the Dr. Luke/"TiK Tok"/"California Gurls" middle-eight? AND YET, the rest is some frankly beautiful dance-pop.

39. Joe McElderry, "Ambitions"
"Is it because he's hot?" I ask myself sometimes. But no, this is genuinely good, especially considering it's a cover. (It's only partially because he's hot.)

38. Alexandra Burke, "All Night Long"
The single version with Pitbull is fine, but it's too hard-edged for my liking. The original album version is so smooth and satisfying, and her vocals are absolutely ace.

37. Róisín Murphy, "Momma's Place"
She's such a badass motherfucker, unf.

36. Rihanna, "Only Girl (In the World)"
I've loved her for years now and I NEVER expected something like this. It's almost anthemic, and THE PULSING SYNTHS ARE AS MAGNIFICENT AS IT GETS.

35. Kelly Rowland 'feat. David Guetta', "Commander"
Poor Kelly Rowland. She puts out an absolute monster like this and gets nothing in return. The extended version, in particular, is completely outstanding.

34. Goldfrapp, "Believer"
It's all about those synths, man (isn't it always?). The chorus is almost diabetic, it's so synth-sweet. It's like Alison tailored it JUST FOR ME. Nom.

33. Natasha Bedingfield, "Touch"
I've always loved her (even when against reason), but I never expected this to dominate my spring/early summer like it did. I also didn't expect the album its on to subsequently blow so hard, though that's neither here nor there.

32. Sky Ferreira, "One"
Bloodshy & Avant's production IS the song for all I care, it seems. It's so gobsmackingly breathtaking and sometimes even unbelievable. Despite that, I do hope great, great things for Sky. (DO MORE STUFF WITH B&A!)

31. Paloma Faith, "Smoke & Mirrors"
It was one of my immediate favorites of hers, so I'm glad that it was chosen as the random last single, if only so I rank it this highly. Very retro, and damn cathartic.

30. M.I.A., "XXXO"
It's almost odd that this is an M.I.A. song, but it's such a witty, amazingly put-together song that ultimately it makes sense, even in a nonsensical era for her.

29. Goldfrapp, "Rocket"
How is this not ACTUALLY a song from the '80s? Few songs on the list made me cream myself at first listen, and oh boy this is surely one of them. And, yes, IT'S BECAUSE OF THOSE LIFE-CHANGING SYNTHS. (They ARE the song, after all.)

28. Crookers feat. Róisín Murphy, "Royal T"
THIS IS MY FUCKING JAM. It's quite apparent that Ms. Murphy, without an album or perhaps even any effort, can basically be a dominatrix of awesome or something, isn't it? I'm STILL obsessed with this thing, and it just builds and builds to greater heights.

27. Groove Armada feat. Fenech-Soler & SaintSaviour, "Paper Romance"
So incredibly huge, with every second of it being spectacular.

26. Alphabeat, "DJ (I Could Be Dancing)"
I've already officially listed the single version as a remix, but whatever, this is for both. It's such a truly straightforward, fun gem of a pop song, the kind that just (almost) aren't created this well anymore.

25. Adele, "Rolling in the Deep"
I first heard it when I was putting the list together, and somehow as I kept putting off finalizing it, it just kept rising, and fast. Adele is officially the love of my life, oh my god.

24. Marina & the Diamonds, "Shampain"
I loved it as a demo, but then she had to reshape it, with the magical help of Pascal Gabriel and Biffco (♥), into an electropop whirlwind that I ADORE. She's too much of a talent to handle. And trust me, I won't stop saying that.

23. Lady GaGa, "Alejandro"
Did the video being so overblown and without any reason deflate my opinion of the song? Not really, surprisingly. It's still an infectious piece of work. Plus, synths+strings, baby.

22. Selena Gomez & the Scene, "Naturally"
Way before it wonderfully became an international hit, it was hidden on a crappy pop rock album (of which Selena's learned to grow away from), and I'm pretty sure I found it first. But who's counting? LET'S JUST DANCE.

21. Take That, "The Flood"
I'm too young and/or American to know what Take That was before they teamed up with Stuart Price, so I was caught COMPLETELY off guard when this came out and blew my face off. Lush, stirring, epically beautiful - I'm still amazed by it.

Coming Soon: Promotional whoring, albums, and the rest of THIS shizz. Anyone wanna take a bet on how it unfolds? Or even thoughts on how it's been thus far? Or how your breakfast was? *crickets* Oh, shut it.

* - don't hold me to that.


Simon said...

You really do like Selena Gomez, don't you.

Excuse me while I go nerd out over Robyn.

J.D. said...

Haha, she just really brought the dance-pop last year. Her new single makes me wanna barf, though, which...saddens me. I still love her as an comedic actress.

Robyn-nerding is one of the best pastimes there is (I'll be doing more of it later, absolutely).